Smart way of taking orders

ArtPos for restaurants is a crucial tool that goes beyond traditional cash registers, providing comprehensive solutions for order management, payment processing, and overall business operations.

WAS £599
NOW £299*

Table Management: Assign and track orders by table, facilitating efficient service.
Menu Customization: Easily update and customize menus, including adding or removing items and adjusting prices.
Order Modification: Allow staff to modify orders, split bills, and accommodate special requests.
Mobile/Tablet Integration: Allow customers to place orders using tablets or smartphones.
QR Code Ordering: Implement QR code scanning for easy access to digital menus and contactless ordering.

Table ordering

Save %70 on staff costs
Let your customers simply scan, order and pay
Let your customers experience the simplicity of paying through wallets like applepay

Digital menu

Save 95% on paper menus
Experience the confort of changing prices that will reflect on menu in real-time
Add / remove menu items any time with no worries


Say goodbye to papers and pencils to take orders
Send kitchen messsages, order changes, new orders instantly to the kitchen
Take payments at table
View your store's table plan and table status whether they are busy or available

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