If fast checkout matters for you

ArtPos for a grocery market plays a crucial role in streamlining operations, improving efficiency, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

WAS £599, NOW £299*

Quick and efficient scanning of barcodes using integrated barcode scanners.
Support for various payment methods including cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and electronic wallets.
Loyalty program integration to track customer purchases and offer rewards.
Scale integration
Support for variable weight items, such as fresh produce, with the ability to calculate prices based on weight.

Product warehouse

Start with 170K products comes with your setup
Save time by letting ArtPos retrieving missing products automatically from our cloud base product warehouse
Don't keep your customers waiting in the queues by entering the price of products that do not have a price during the sale process


Define hundreds of promotions
Have the visibility of the products defined under a promotion
Don't pay more VAT. Enjoy ArtPos' smart vat calculator for promotions
Don't need to enter price info on promotions label. Let the ArtPos generates it for you.


Track your cost, price, supplier changes
View the products performance
Track your stuff activities like voids, cancels, manual discounts etc

Shelf edge labels

Print your labels from till, office or hand-held terminal
Print labels from thermal printers, portable mini bluetooth printers, or A4 printers
Select from various label designs

Card payments

Have integrated card payment terminal
No need to enter total to take payments
Take payments with just one click

Stock and order list management

Generate order-list before you go to buy goods from cash-and-carries
Confirm your order-list with the invoice
Process the confirmed order-list to automatically update price, stock, cost, supplier fields for your products with one click

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