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We help businesses of all sizes reach their full potential, speed up their services, and increase their profits by providing innovative, customisable payment and till systems.

There are many companies supplying retailers and hospitalities with EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems.  An EPOS system, essentially, is a combination of hardware and software components running together coherently in order to facilitate payments in a more reliable, faster and more importantly recordable way.

Current EPOS systems in the market are tailored for running business in more electronic way than it was. Commonly, they are missing the point of deducing valuable information from collected data however.

ArtPos provides a stack of software products from EPOS software to business analysis tools, which are integrated and well fit to all operational processes of small to medium retailers and hospitalities.

Despite huge retailers which set up their supply/distribution chains, inventory management, there are also many small to medium sized businesses in retail market trying to survive.

The company’s focus is on those small to medium sized businesses, which needs more sophisticated, affordable software systems in order to run their operations with much more customer oriented and profitable way.

Existing EPOS software for small to medium sized business either hard to invest or lack of sophisticated features help businesses make their business more profitable and customer-oriented.

ArtPos fills this gap by providing both affordable and sophisticated software technology for those businesses.

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