Control Your Stock Levels with ArtPos

ArtPos designed for pharmacy is essential for managing sales, inventory, and customer interactions efficiently.

Integrated barcode scanners for quick and accurate product identification.
Detailed product catalog with images, descriptions, prices, and stock information.
Streamlined checkout process with quick item scanning and multiple payment options (cash, credit/debit cards, mobile payments).

WAS £599, NOW £299*


Track your cost, price, supplier changes
View the products performance
Track your stuff activities like voids, cancels, manual discounts etc

Card payments

Have integrated card payment terminal
No need to enter total to take payments
Take payments with just one click

Stock and order list management

Generate order-list before you go to buy goods from cash-and-carries
Confirm your order-list with the invoice
Process the confirmed order-list to automatically update price, stock, cost, supplier fields for your products with one click

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