Take orders by phone, online or at counter

ArtPos for pizza shops is designed to streamline the ordering, payment, and operational processes specific to pizza establishments.

WAS £599
NOW £299*

User-friendly interface for easy customization of pizza orders, including crust type, toppings, and sizes.
Quick buttons for popular pizza configurations and customizable options.
Easy setup and management of pizza specials, combos, and promotions.
Automated application of discounts during the checkout process.
Seamless integration with online ordering platforms and a dedicated website for customers to place orders digitally.
Mobile app integration for convenient ordering through smartphones.

Online ordering

Save 90% on online odering costs compared to other platforms
Open your second store online instead of investing big money and opening a physical store
Have collection, table ordering, online ordering in one platform,
Select your price calculation method to sell products at a different price online
Use your own domain name or share menu link on your existing website

Order Displays

Let your customers track their order's status
Create your own flow of order from placement stage to delivered stage
Give your store an elagant look

Caller ID

Take order by phone calls
Autamatically retrieve customer detaiils

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